Thursday, June 27, 2013

we could say that even from the point of view of the pragmatist

I cannot find the words--all words fail me to express my disappointment that a teacher of the youth in one of our great institutions, who are to be the America of tomorrow, should in any way contribute to the impression that truth is secondary; that our needs, our interests, our inclinations, or our whims, come first, and that if we have not the courage to look fake ray bans
the truth in the face, we can turn around and make terms with myth and fable. If we were disposed to trip the professor, or by one single thrust to disqualify ray bans sunglasses
him for further action in the arena of thought, we could say that even from the point of view of the pragmatist, truth comes first, cheap ray bans
and that by no imaginable manoeuvring can truth be shifted to a subordinate rank. It cannot be done. Listen! You may not have to prove the existence of a God, or of a future, or of a purgatory, before believing in it. Granted: but you have to prove and you are trying to prove, that it is true that you do not have to prove them. Even pragmatists who say that utility is before truth, labor to prove that it is true that utility is before truth. In other words, they have got to prove the truth of their theory, whatever that may be, before they can make it have any value, or before it can command our respect. Things have to be true else they cannot exist. All the labor of Prof. James has for its object the demonstration of what he considers to be a truth, namely: that the truth of the belief concerning the unknown is not essential.

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