Thursday, April 25, 2013

User while driving, Google goggles can be continued to use it?

In fact, Google goggles Developer Edition came out a few weeks before I'll consider "should disable Google goggles users while driving" this matter. But in all fairness, it should be a matter within the scope of the oakleys
What kind of research? There may of course be interactive glasses people use when driving a motor vehicle or bicycle safety issues, but as far as I know, no agencies for similar subjects in depth. For example, in driving the process of intentionally skew my eyes sight to view the display device and the use of smart phones during driving which is more secure? Google glasses should be equipped with a so-called "driving mode" in order to let users in particular cases prohibit the use of related features, like smart phones now generally equipped with "flight mode"?cheap oakley sunglasses
In addition, the so-called "augmented reality" what about technology? Google's glasses so that motorists can take advantage of this technology in the driving process becoming more secure? Considering that Google is not Google goggles users real name certification this factor, the public can follow specific rules use this device while driving is still unknown. Moreover, in the course of supervision in this area there are also a lot of difficulty because difficult simply by looking at the outside world to tell motorists to be careful driving is watching shows real time information in the Google goggles.oakley outlet

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