Monday, May 20, 2013

Google "age" humanized

Lecture on the Google I/O Developers Conference this week makes me exhausted. Not just ' speech lasted for 3 whole hours and 50 minutes, but also because the products they publish. Every time they release a new product updates, new features, and new virtual service, has made me more aware that Google is not just a search company make money by selling advertising, which has infiltrated at an unimaginable rate of our digital lives, every aspect of life and private oakleys
I'm still trying to sort out my thoughts, digesting those oakley sunglasses
Google not only are the backbone of the Internet, it has quickly become the backbone of your whole life. All thanks to you via search, photos, Gmail and other services to commit data to the private company. This week, after spending three days at the I/O Developer Conference, I found that unless millions or even billions of users suddenly change his mind and start using other technology tools, unless the Government increase the antitrust flag waving efforts, our life, our history, our personal health will be taken over by a company to manage. It was Google.oakley outlet

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