Sunday, May 26, 2013

Google third world Wi-Fi

United States company positive to the development of wireless network systems in Africa and Southeast Asia, for more opportunities of population connected to the oakley sunglasses
United States 24th, the Wall Street Journal reported that Google is working on areas of scarce resources in the wired network to a wireless network, with a view to an additional 1 billion people who will connect to the Internet in the oakleys
Not known to the public the names of sources said that Google will be collaboration with the communications throughout the enterprise, development of wireless networks. In some areas, Google intends to support the independent development of wireless network technology in the near future.oakley sunglasses cheap
The Wall Street Journal reported that Google also is developing a cheap Smartphone running the Android operating system, in the third world to promote wireless network approach would give the Internet giant win more consumers for their advertising business.oakley sunglasses sale
German news agency reported citing industry data, the Internet regarded today help the poor "get rid" of important factors. 7 billion people worldwide, only about 2.5 billion people access to Internet resources at the oakley sunglasses

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